Are you a busy, faith-based professional, ready to grow your marriage in only 30-minutes per week?

Grow your marriage without leaving your home!

Everyone loves a happy ending!

Every couple starts with a dream for their marriage!

You’ve been there. A time of hope, gladness, and unspeakable contentment.

Dreams are envisioned, plans are made, and optimism paints the canvas of your relationship.

You and your spouse can’t wait to get started. This is so exciting to experience!

But then something happens to you—and to every other couple—and now everything changes.

Get ready…

Your marriage—has faced, is facing, or will face—many storms

Storms are inevitable in life and in marriage. Storms can be overwhelming and confusing.

You’re either going into a storm, working through a storm, or coming out of a storm.

Storms are often unexpected and costly. They can seem impossible to endure.

The storms of life can keep your marriage isolated from family, friends, and church.

But there’s a principle to embrace…

You must endure the storms of life before realizing your dream

Every marriage will face difficulties and suffer loss. I know my wife and I have.

If your marriage is suffering, rest assured, that every part of your life will also suffer. 

What do you do to build a stronger marriage and persevere through life’s storms?

We call it the 3C’s to Start Building Your Marriage.

You need a Commitment, a Coach, and a Course of Action

Making a commitment to strengthen your marriage is a wise decision.

But we are so busy with growing our careers, completing our studies, and training our kids.

Agreed…but you can still make the time to build a healthy marriage.

And that’s why we created the Marriage Catalyst Essential Course: A flexible, self-directed online marriage course to give your relationship a way forward.

Do you always separate time for what really matters to you? Of course, you do!

Consider some common daily commitments:

Morning Exercise @ 30 minutes each = Minimum 210 minutes or 3.5 hours weekly

Three meals @ 30 minutes each = Minimum 630 minutes or 10.5 hours weekly

One shower @ 20 minutes each = Minimum 140 minutes or 2.33 hours weekly

Work Commute @ 25 minutes each = Minimum 350 minutes or 5.53 hours weekly

Nightly News @ 30 minutes each = Minimum 210 minutes or 3.5 hours weekly

Favorite Shows @ 30 minutes each = Minimum 210 minutes or 3.5 hours weekly


Can you and your spouse separate just 30-minutes a week to strengthen your marriage?

Your marriage matters!

You may not have an extra 30-minutes weekly…most of us don’t.

But would you and your spouse carve out 30-minutes if you knew it would prepare your marriage for the storms parked at your door or coming around the corner at full speed?

Here’s another key principle for you to note…

What you do habitually will absolutely shape your marriage!

Now more than ever, you need to focus on growing your marriage.

You need to go back to the dream of what could be and should be in your relationship.

Ready or not your marriage will face hard times. 

You can prepare by building a strong foundation to keep your marriage standing.

You can’t have a strong marriage without making investments of time, energy, and resources.

How will the Marriage Catalyst Essential Course benefit your marriage?

This course will help you to laugh a little more and enjoy your relationship.

It will increase your knowledge of timeless principles to make your marriage thrive.

The course will provide a strong foundation for your marriage to grow stronger and healthier. 

You will walk away with practical action steps to take your relationship to the next level. 

Everyone loves a happy ending…and so do you and your spouse.

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Marcel Sanchez

Marcel has been enthusiastically married to his wife, Yami, for over 30 years and has two adult children, Luke and Savanah, along with a mischievous dog named Smokey.


Marcel is a Certified Professional Coach and accredited through the International Coaching Federation, ICF. He has authored 25 books and training guides.


Marcel graduated with a B. A. in Human Resources Management from Trinity International University and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. Marcel is the founder of Imagine Coaching Academy, a coaching company committed to helping people get better faster.


Marcel also serves as Executive Pastor at Global Church, a bilingual church in Miami, Florida. He enjoys spending time with family, writing, building courses, training leaders, and helping people follow Jesus.